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The Future of Talent Acquisition: How Thomas International Assessments Elevate Our Specialist Search


The world of talent acquisition is undergoing a transformative change. New technologies and methodologies are redefining how organizations identify, evaluate, and onboard talent. At People of Talent, we are embracing this shift through our strategic use of Thomas International Assessments, offering a level of insight that goes far beyond the resume. This article aims to explore how we utilize these cutting-edge assessments to offer unparalleled value to our clients.

Why Traditional Hiring Methods Fall Short

Conventional hiring methods, while tried-and-tested, often don’t capture the full picture of a candidate's potential. For instance, CVs and interviews are typically skewed to represent candidates in the best possible light but may not reflect their actual on-the-job performance or cultural fit.

What Are Thomas International Assessments?

Thomas International is a global leader in providing psychometric assessments. They offer a range of assessments, from aptitude and ability tests to behavioral and personality profiles. These assessments are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of a candidate's fit for a particular role.

The Advantages of Using Thomas International Assessments in Our Services

Holistic Understanding of Candidates

These assessments provide a holistic understanding of a candidate, offering insights into their emotional intelligence, aptitude, and how they fit within a company's culture. It's not just about whether a candidate can do the job, but how they will do it.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The assessments offer both qualitative and quantitative data, providing an evidence-based approach to hiring decisions. This minimizes the influence of subjective biases, ensuring a more accurate selection process.

Reduced Time-to-Hire

By quickly and efficiently identifying the most suitable candidates, Thomas International Assessments in combination with our semi-structured interview guides significantly reduce the time-to-hire, saving both time and resources for our clients.

How This Benefits Our Clients

Quality Over Quantity

Our approach ensures that you are not just filling a vacancy but are making a long-term investment in talent that will contribute positively to your organization.

Enhanced Team Dynamics

Understanding a candidate’s psychological makeup can help to predict how they will integrate into existing teams, improving both group cohesion and overall productivity.

Return on Investment

Better hiring decisions translate into reduced turnover, higher employee engagement, and, ultimately, a significant return on investment.


In a landscape where the rules of talent acquisition are being rewritten, People of Talent offers a data-driven, scientific, and highly effective approach by applying tools and technologies like Thomas International Assessments. We invite you to experience the difference that this can make in your hiring process.

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