Our business is people management. We have years of experience and we are masters at understanding people, which is why we know how to attract and develop talent.

At People of Talent, we attract and develop leadership talent and  experienced professionals. We are masters at finding the perfect candidates for your company. We have client companies from various industries and we are capable of adapting to many fields.

We have years of experience, international partners and a network, and most importantly, passion for finding the right people for each position. All of what you need to find your next talented professional for that missing position you have. 

Keep reading the page for a detailed explanations of our capabilities and services, and find out what exactly we can do for you. 


Attract top talent for Manager and Leadership Roles in your organisation.

Executives and Managers in IT/Tech industries are facing extraordinary challenges that are unique for our business model and culture. Often promoted from specialist roles with a strong technical or commercial focus and project management skills, we tend to forget other aspects that are highly crucial for success in these types of positions: the assessment and further development of people skills, leadership skills and strategic business management acumen. In short, not only a technically skilled person is needed, but an experienced leader, a person that is capable of running, leading, managing and motivating their workers. 

To succeed in a senior position in IT/Tech industries, the experienced professional needs to master a broader range of disciplines and competencies. We are very aware of this, and therefore, know exactly what we are looking for, in order to fill in your company's leadership positions. We are capable of looking for and identifying key aspects in people's professional experiences and personalities, in order to find a perfect fit. 

If you are looking to fill in a management or leadership role in your company, we can help you. Our Executive Search methods, leadership models, assessment tools, insights and experience delivers top talent for your senior roles in the organisation.


Develop your employees' skills to make them better leaders, for the brightest future for your company

Something crucial in an organization is to have a plan for leadership development, that is, any initiative that will make the people working for your company better leaders. It is important to be able to find the right peole to be leaders, but also to develop a strategy to develop that leadership talent. 

This is critical, especially looking in a long term perspective. A candidate may be the best fit now for that leadership role you have. Or you already have an employee that is doing said job, and is probably doing fine work. But things evolve, strategies and motivations change and are fluid, and this changes need to be accompanied by the development of the leaders, in order to take as much advantage of them. 

At People of Talent we are very aware and value the potential of candidates for future development, as well as your already employees and leaders. We know how helping them develop their leadership skills and follow the tendencies of better team lead will make their career and your organization grow, will make you all succeed. 


Ensuring that your employees are motivated, engaged and feel valued, supporting your company objectives.

You have hired one of the most talented and perfect fit for your company. And you are thinking, what now? Does the my job end there, am I done with managing HR? Not at all. 

Companies need to have a strategy to manage all the talent that they attract and to protect and maintain it with them. You want to find and hire the best professionals for your company, but you also want them to reach their full potential and use all of their capabilities while they are in your company. For this, you will need a strategy. The strategy will identify which are the skills that your new worker has, and those that they may be lacking. With a plan, you will be able to develop the skills that the new employee is lacking or a little behing with, and you will be able to train them. This way, you will be making them more productive.

But not only productivity is the goal. It is also motivation, engagement, value. You want your employees to be willing to stay and work in your company, to improve it and develop it, to be motivated to invest their full capacity and skills to your company. By providing training, and ensuring that they have the motivation and engagement, will add value to your company and ithe relation to your employee, and create long term relationships between the two. 


If you are able to manage talent and create a strategy, to make your employee feel valued and encouraged in your company, you will reach a successfull position. And, guess what... we can help you with that!