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Aerospace, Defence, and Security

Defence and security are among the most powerful industries in the world, covering everything from land, sea, and air capabilities to IT and cybersecurity designed for national defence, foreign affairs, and military activity.

The aerospace sector encompasses general aviation as well as military and space-related infrastructure and initiatives.

We have partnered with prestigious organisations in the field to help companies connect with eligible candidates in their field of interest.

Military Aircraft

Airborne, Land, and Naval Defence

Dividend into airborne, land, and naval, the defence sector is in constant expansion. 

Emerging technologies and the increased need for more sophisticated resources are calling for new hires in the aerospace/aeronautical and structural fields along with automotive and engineering experts.

At People of Talent, we are committed to helping you find some of the more on-demand professionals in the field.

Cybersecurity in the Military

Cybersecurity consists of employing processes and technologies designed to protect networks and sensitive data from bad actors. Naturally, in the military, preventing hackers from accessing qualified information is especially vital.

People of talent can help you recruit the best computing and security technology experts for your company.

Image by Dan Nelson
Defence & Security: Services

Industry Expert

Get in touch with our industry expert for Aerospace, Defence and Security

Defence & Security: Team

Allan L. L. Buus

Buus has been providing management consulting and executive search in IT/Tech industries since 2012.

He has been active in the Danish Home Guard since 2009 and served as both Recruitment Specialist, Recruiting Officer, Contact Officer, Squad Commander, Squad NCO and rifleman and currently as Communications Specialist in the North Jutland Regional Staff section.

Buus holds several honorary titles related to Defence and Military including Employer Ambassador for InterForce, Sponsor and Mentor in the charity Welcome Home and management consultant for the The Logistic Regiment - Army Combat Service Support in The Danish Armed Forces.

People of Talent is also a corporate member of the Danish Center for Defence, Space and Security.

Read more about Buus here.

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