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It is no secret that we are living in a globalized world. Connections between states, organizations and people are on the rise, everyone is connected and everyone is interacting. A global world means worldwide connections, international cooperation and transcultural communication. Global means we are no longer working alone, or only for our area, but we are working as part of a bigger picture.

Because we want to embrace this globality, People of Talent is part of NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network. One of the benefits of belonging to a network like this is the ability to promote an international capability to our clients. We can not only serve our clients perfectly in your home markets, but we have the ability to bring splendid candidates from outside of said markets. This way we increase our efficiency by spending our time where the talent is, no matter the hemisphere, country or region they are from.

What is our main point here? That if your company has the need to find someone for a specific possition, senior talent or specialised skilled people, we will not be limited to the area. This doesn't mean that we always will bring in international candidates, not at all. We know that internationality is an asset, but not the only option. We still work carefully and targetting your special needs, therefore, if the best fit is right outside of your company, 5km or 100km away, that is where we will look at.

At people of talent you really will be getting the best of both worlds. With partners in Scandinavia and Switzerland, you will get a local and close relation with our partners, very specific and very caring. We assess individually and personally each case to give the best care every time to every person. But, with a network like NPAworldwide, and an international team, you will always benefit from our internationality, in the best ways.

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