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Senior leadership positions in advisory firms offer some of the most exciting career opportunities for professional advisors. You need to master both the strategic, commercial and people agenda in a sector that is ever changing.

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The partner role in many advisory firms typically offer a unique career opportunity with a responsibility as both an owner, account executive, expert advisor and often team leadership and mentor roles. It's a rewarding career path both professionally, personally and financially.

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With a particular passion for project management, subject expertise or driven by a constant pursuit to explore a niche of knowledge ever deeper, we often find specialists in Manager roles. Would you like to take a central role in knowledge development, thought leadership or team lead? A Manager career opportunity is for you.

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The demand for experienced advisors with specialist subject knowledge is increasing. It is becoming more and more difficult for organisations and individuals to maneuver in a complex society. If you are passionate for an area of expertise and driven by the opportunity to solve complex problems, a career in consulting could be your ideal professional goal.

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